Welcome to Illume Business Partners

Illume Business Partners Pty Ltd (ABN 30 165 000 939) has been established specifically to provide small and medium businesses access to the business management, planning and modelling tools which historically, due to their cost, have been reserved for large businesses.

Illume’s business philosophy is to enter into long term relationships with our clients to ensure that both Illume and its clients maintain the best opportunity to enjoy a prosperous, secure and sustainable future.

At Illume we will develop, in conjunction with you, tools and techniques which optimise your organisation’s long term performance, enabling the achievement of your business goals.

Stuart Ambridge, one of Illume’s founding partners, has over 25 years’ experience in financial management and control, strategic planning, business modelling, process improvement, tendering and commercial negotiation. He has been instrumental in resolving many complex commercial negotiations.

At Illume our experience spans a broad range of industries including:

  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Heavy Industrial and manufacturing;
  • Fast moving consumer goods;
  • Service; and
  • Not for profit organisations.

Why choose Illume Business Partners?

Our aim is to assist small & medium businesses achieve a secure and sustainable future. Illume Business Partners Pty Ltd provides small to medium businesses access to the financial tools and management controls which historically, due to their cost, are reserved for large businesses.

If your business:

  1. Is considering a growth strategy;
  2. Is seeking to undertake a major project;
  3. Has expanded quickly and has now stretched its capabilities;
  4. Requires cash flow management; or
  5. Needs assistance to plan, budget and model likely business scenarios or acquisitions

Illume Business Partners Pty Ltd can assist by providing the services of an experienced Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost of employing one a full time basis.

The Significance of the Lighthouse

Our logo is the lighthouse (for those on the Central Coast – Norah Head Lighthouse), it is symbolic of Illume because, its role in navigation, is akin to the role Illume provides our customers. The lighthouse performs three critical functions.

  1. It serves firstly as a warning of potential danger;
  2. Secondly following analysis of available information (i.e. charts, weather patterns, tides and logs), the captain can determine what is the best means of avoiding the danger; and
  3. Thirdly as a means of navigation, it allows owners of vessels to identify their location in relation to their final destination allowing a course to be set or confirmed.

At Illume, once we have an understanding of our clients business, we can assist with developing strategic plans that can improve performance and productivity. Additionally, Illume can highlight potential business risks and identify appropriate mitigation strategies, thus enhancing the capability of an organisation to achieve its long term goals.