Business Process Outsourcing is the name given to contracting out non-core or back office functions to a third party. These are services or functions that:

  1. do not provide your organisation with a competitive advantage; or
  2. are not essential functions that position your business; or
  3. do not differentiate your business in your market place.

Historically Business Process Outsourcing was reserved for Government Agencies and large Corporates. Today Illume can offer these same benefits to small and medium businesses. Outsourcing was typically undertaken as a cost saving exercise, however it is becoming increasingly critical as the business environment is becoming more complex.

Business owners are finding themselves increasingly spending too much time on administrative tasks and not enough time focusing on their core business. The core business is why YOU as the business owner started in the first place.

As administrative tasks continue to increase in volume and complexity, it is more readily recognised that using a firm whose core business is administration, is a cost effective option.

The types of activities outsourced include:

  1. Accounts Payable;
  2. Accounts Receivable;
  3. Payroll and
  4. Financial and Management Accounting.

Another area of expertise for Illume is in Business Process Improvement.

By choosing Illume to provide your back office services you will be able to leverage off Illume’s other business management services which include:

  1. Business modelling and Financial modelling
  2. Risk Management;
  3. Business Continuity Planning; and
  4. Tendering.