What is a business model? All businesses have a business model. Essentially in their raw form, a business model simply identifies the processes in your business, from the developing of a product to the receiving of cash.

A business model maps and documents your business processes. It is the blueprint for your business.

Illume can build a business model for you, or expand your current business model to incorporate a financial component. The financial model represents the financial components of your business model. It highlights the revenue and expenditure of each process in your business model with added flexibility that enables you to adjust key assumptions, and instantly see the impact on the value of your organisation.

A financial model provides a window into likely future earnings.

Why have an Illume Business Financial Model?

If you can relate to any of the scenarios below, an Illume business model can help.

  1. The profitability of your business has slowly eroded over time;
  2. You want to forecast likely future earnings;
  3. You want to invest in new capital equipment or a new product line.
  4. You want to assess the impact of key business risks;
  5. You want to tender for a large contract; or
  6. You are considering purchasing another business.

Illume’s financial models are intuitive, logical and include a concise one page summary which clearly communicates the results to you. Our models are custom built, following consultation with you and focus on the key drivers of your business. Your input is critical to the model’s usefulness, as you know more about your business than anyone.

Once we have built the model for you, you will own the model. We are certain that within a very short period, your model will become a critical partner in business planning and decision making.

As your business grows, Illume can update your model, so it continually reflects your current business operations.

Depending on your organisation’s needs, Illume can build an Enterprise Valuation Model, a Monthly Management Model or a Targeted Cost Model.

These links provide an example of the output pages generated from our models.

Our Approach

We will meet with you and discuss your requirements, key business inputs, past years trading results and agree on a set of key assumptions, which you will be able to test in the model.

We will prepare a short document outlining what we understand as your business requirements. Once this document has been agreed on, we would begin developing the model for your review.

Our Experience

With over ten years of modelling experience, from modelling small discrete projects through to complex project finance models, our experience and training ensures you will receive a logical easy to follow model, plus a comprehensive instruction booklet.

We have worked with several large and small organisations and developed project specific financial models and business valuation models.